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Get chef-cooked meals delivered right to your door and prepare them faster than you can order take out. No microwave required.

How It Works

Choose Your Meals

Choose from meals under 600 calories made fresh from locally-sourced ingredients.

We Cook & Deliver

World-class chefs create meals and vacuum-pack them for freshness.

Turn Up The Heat

Simply place BPA-free food-safe pouches into boiling water for 6 minutes.

Enjoy Boss Status

Schedule change? Traveling? No worries! Skip a week or cancel any time.

People Are Talking

I tell everyone I know

I've tried several different ready-made meal services in the last year, and so far RealEats has far surpassed the others in terms of balancing food quality, sustainability, price and nutrition. Plus I like that since I'm also in NY, it's not being shipped from across the country and you're supporting farms in my neck of the woods.

Jack M.
Queensbury, NY

Who knew?

Living in NYC RealEats has been a 'God send' in terms of meals with my wife. Easy breezy, great tasting, filling, and actually cheaper than ordering out. We love it and guess what? It's healthy and we are actually losing weight also.

Bill L.
New York, NY

Fresh, fast, & healthy

We just got our first order. We loved almost everything. But the absolute best part was how quickly we were able to eat, get the babies ready for bed and be on our couch for an hour before the grind starts again. The food is fresh and so healthy. We were throwing away so much each week. This was a game changer for our family!

Lisa W.
Ipswich, MA

Discover the RealEats Experience

Each and every RealEats meal is delivered fresh, never-frozen, and thoughtfully prepared by one of our seasoned chefs. We usepremium quality, mostly organic ingredients that are free of preservatives, additives or junk of any kind.

Never Processed



Never Frozen

No Microwaves

New Dishes Every Week


What do I get in my delivery?

RealEats offers meals that on average have three components: a protein and two sides, delivered in vacuum-sealed pouches to lock in nutrition and freshness. We also include cold packs and info on our chefs, farmers, ingredients, and community, all shipped in a thermoregulated box to insure your food stays cold and fresh.

Is the plastic packaging safe?

Absolutely! We use the same packaging technique as the classic "sous-vide" style of French cuisine. These pouches are 100% food safe- BPA-free, Plasticizer-free, Phthalate-free and no leaching. It's the same packaging used in many gourmet restaurants you may have already eaten at.

Are your ingredients organic?

We try to use locally sourced, organic ingredients where we can, meaning that our food is not labelled Organic. Because we want to keep our meals affordable for everyone, we try to limit the prices of ingredients we use, which means partnering with farms who produce safe, healthy food without the added price of the organic certification.

Where do you source your ingredients?

We have a responsibility to support the farmers who grow the locally-sourced ingredients that sustain us. We source our ingredients from a cornucopia of local farms all over the country, so that you always help support local businesses when you order from RealEats.

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RealEats is the feel-good and look-good solution. It’s all in the bag.

Get real food made simple from fresh, whole ingredients. New dishes added weekly.

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